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LTQSA Knives

Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-016
custom made Damascus steel throwing axe. 58HRC blade hardness on Rockwell scale. leather grip for strong hold on handle. Overall length 12.00 inches. Razor sharp strong edge. 1095+15n20 steels hand forged. hand made quality leather sheath...
Ex Tax:$65.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTSS-096
D2 tool steel custom made hunting knife. overall length 8.50 inches. 56-61 HRC blade hardness. Steel bolsters and rose wood handle. Leather sheath included...
Ex Tax:$45.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTBC-001
Small bushcraft knife cleaver. Razor sharp edge D2 Steel Blade 2.3''Himalayan Ram's horn handleOverall length: 4.5 inchesCowhide natural leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$35.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTBW-111
D2 steel Bowie Knife. Mirror polished high tempered blade. 59.1 HRC blade hardness on rockwell scale. 17.50 inches in overall length. Pure brass guard and but. Buffalo horn and leather handle. sharp edge. Leather sheath included..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTHK-089
Custom hand made D2 steel Hunting Knife Beautiful Grinding & hammer forged bladeHardness 58HRC on Rockwell Scale Overall Length 9.75''Strong edgePure brass opening and but cap,  Stag antler handleCowhide natural leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$80.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTS-059
8.50 inches long d2 steel hunting knife/skinner. Sheep horn handle Cowhide leather sheath60 HRC blade hardness. Strong long lasting edge..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTS-003
D2 tool steel Bowie Knife. Mirror polished 59.75 HRC blade hardness on Rockwell. Razor sharp edge. Pure brass finger guard. Buffalo horn handle.  Overall in 12.00'' length. cowhide leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$85.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: TSBW-001
Gorgeous piece of art D2 tool steel Bowie Knife. Mirror polished 60.50 HRC blade hardness on Rockwell. Razor sharp edge. Walnut wood handle. Overall in 18.00'' length. Cowhide natural leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTT-001
D2 tool steel bowie/combat knife. 61.00 HRC blade hardness on Rockwell with long lasting razor sharp edge. Cowhide leather sheath ..
Ex Tax:$110.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTS-0172
D2 Tool steel D-guard hunting knife with finger hole grip. Steel bolsters and dyed bone handle. Mirror polished beautiful finishes. Hand made cowhide leather sheath. Overall 8.50 inches in overall. Razor sharp strong edge having 59.5 HRC blade hardness at rockwell scale...
Ex Tax:$115.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTS-019
11 inches long D2 tool steel custom made Hunting knife. 304 steel guards . walnut wood handle. Cowhide leather sheath. Blade hardness 60.5 HRC on Rockwell scale. Mirror polished having strong edge..
Ex Tax:$125.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTSK-018
D2 tool steel custom skinner Knife. Wonderful piece of handicraft scrimshaw work on blade and handle. Razor sharp long lasting edge. 61 HRC blade hardness on Rockwell. Custom Leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$185.00
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