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100% Handmade Forged Damascus steel Knives
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTM-003
10 pieces Damascus steel miniature knife / key chainsPure brass handlesoverall length 2.50'' eachnicely hand made sheathbest gifts Xmas & B-day gi..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTHK-0199
Damascus steel custom hand made hunting knife & best survival knife. Fixed blade. 10 inches in overall length. Handle  length 5.00 inches . E..
Ex Tax:$95.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTHK-089
Custom hand made D2 steel Hunting Knife Beautiful Grinding & hammer forged bladeHardness 58HRC on Rockwell Scale Overall Length 9.75''St..
Ex Tax:$80.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-014
Carbon steel long beard vikings axe with walknut marking on blade. 6.00 inches wide strong edge blade. 61.2 HRC blade hardness. Rose wooden handle. Co..
Ex Tax:$85.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: SW-001
Damascus steel razor sharp Tanto hunting Knife. Overall length 10.00 inches. Snake wood handle. Strong grip. 1095+15n20 forged in fire pattern. Hand c..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTFF-001
Damascus Steel Liner Lock Folding Knife. Damascus Steel Bolsters, Himalayan Ram's horn handle. Pure brass frame and liner lock. Cowhide natural leathe..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: Av-11
Custom made Damascus steel viking axe with hand carved handle and cowhide leather sheath ...
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: TS-004
Best Skinning and hunting Knife TS-004 made out from 420J2 tool steel rust free steel. Mirror polished razor sharp edge with 59HRC blade hardness on R..
Ex Tax:$35.00
440C custom made hunting knife TS-098 440C custom made hunting knife TS-098
2-3 Days
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: TS-098
440C hand made hunting knife. Overall length 8.50''beautiful made rasin handle. Nicely assembled, remove able with elki bolts.razor sharp strong edgem..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTC-026
Damascus steel custom hand made kitchen knives set. 5 beautiful kitchen knives with pakka wood handle & 304 steel bolsters. 1095+15n20 forged in t..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LQS-010
Damascus Steel Gut Hook Skinner KnifeOverall length 8.25''Buffalo horn bolstersStag antler handleCowhide natural leather sheathTop quality 100% handma..
Ex Tax:$72.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTSP-001
Custom made Damascus steel Viking axe | smoke pipe axe.Damascus steel ( 1095 & 15n20 ) hand forged axe head. Blade cutting edge 4.00''. Handle len..
Ex Tax:$115.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LQS-014
Hand forged Damascus Steel Custom Hunting Knife with rose wood bolsters and camel bone scales natural handle. Razor sharp edge. Quality hunting knife ..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTF-012
Damascus steel pocket knife. liner lock mechanism. Sheep horn handle. Overall length 9.00'' . Razor sharp strong edge. 1095+15n20 forged. Cowhide leat..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTC-014
Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Set4 pieces of Kitchen KnivesSteel Bolsters , Pakka wood handlesRazor sharp edgesBlade hardness 58HRCCowhide natural lea..
Ex Tax:$210.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTF-0011
Rail road high polish custom made Fishing knife . filletOverall length 14 inchessteel bolsters and natural bone handle.Cowhide leather sheathWorking t..
Ex Tax:$60.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-046
Damascus steel custom made Smoke Pipe Vikings #Axe #tomahawk #hatchet Rose wood handle.Cowhide lather sheath1095 plus 15n20 forged ..
Ex Tax:$125.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-041
Beautiful custom made Damascus steel Viking  axe. Hand forged Damascus steel ( 1095 & 15n20 ) axe head .Rosewood carved handle . Genuine cowh..
Ex Tax:$140.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-083
High carbon steel forged custom vikings axe with ash wood handle. high polished. strong handle grip . cowhide sheath included. Only at LTQSA Knives..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-084
HIgh carbon steel forged tomahawk axe.As wood handle. Cowhide leather sheathHandle 16 inches long. ..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: TS-099
420J2 tool steel hunting knife / Skinner knife. Overall length 8.00 inches. Razor sharp strong edge. Micarta sheet handle. Leather sheath..
Ex Tax:$38.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTHK-014
Rail Road High carbon steel Hunting Knife. Razor sharp edge with high temper and blade hardness. Brown pakka wood unbreakable strong handle. Custom le..
Ex Tax:$30.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-018
D2 tool steel hard tempered long beard axe from LTQSA's Camping axe series. Overall length 20.00 inches. Rose wooden strong handle. leather wrapped gr..
Ex Tax:$85.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTHK-045
8.00 inches long Damascus steel custom hand made Hunting knife/Skinning knife. Made with special look Damascus steel bolsters and venge handle beautif..
Ex Tax:$95.00
Brand: LTQSA Knives Model: LTX-093
Beautiful High carbon steel custom hand made viking axe/Tomahawk. Handmade hatchet. Out door camping survival axe. Overall length 18 inches. Wood hand..
Ex Tax:$125.00

Top Quality Handmade Knives

Damascus Steel , 1095 , 5160 ,52100 , D2 Tool Steel , 440c , J2420 Steel etc Knives , Sword , Axe's & Hawks

Share your Outdoor Memories With Us

Share your hunting , Camping and outdoor videos
And your blade experience you bought from LTQSA with us . We will share your memories with our community .

Special Deals

Awesome Deals On Most Selling Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knives , Skinner Knives , Chef Knives Pocket Knives , EDC , Axe's And Sword's .
Damascus steel custom made straight razor  / High quality Shaving RazorDamascus steel ( 1095 & 15n20 ) hand forged blade with 60 HRC and shar..
Ex Tax:$70.00
Custom hand made Damascus steel folding knife / Pocket knife . Damascus steel ( 1095 & 15n20 ) hand forged folding blade with 60 HRC hardness and ..
Ex Tax:$40.00
Hand forged Damascus steel custom made Classic style Bowie Knife. Damascus Steel double finger guard. Stag antler handle.  Overall length 16.00''..
Ex Tax:$450.00
Custom made Damascus steel hunting knife. Stag antler handle with Turquoise spacers. 58HRC blade hardness. 1095+15n20 hand forged.Damascus steel ..
Ex Tax:$125.00

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